The Energy Conductor

Unlocking your unique codes is the key to this life.

Your codes are not in plain sight, nor easily accessible beneath the litany of disruptive codes you have garnered throughout this and past lives.

To unlock them is to claim your true purpose, destiny and passion, the relationships you’ve longed for, the freedom to choose your financial dreams . Your keys are just waiting to be utilised to open those doors. Do it. You’ll never look back.

Author, Energy conductor

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True intimacy is the key to life…

A truly intimate relationship with yourself is the key to successful and fulfilling relationships with your partner. Looking to uplevelling your intimacy game? This is designed for you.

Feeling jaded or burned out?

Wondering if you’re on the right track with your life? Experiencing a desire to become more of who you really are, but not sure what that is? These sessions are for you.

Online or in person meditation.

Intimate gatherings either in person or via Zoom to enrich your daily life. These weekly sessions alone have been life changing for many of my clients. No meditation experience necessary.


Carmelle... an energy and sound alchemist, who offers a unique healing technique directly learned from the ancient masters.
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Energy Conductor

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WEEKLY meditationS

That day of the week, just for you!

A Perfect way to take a breath and resume your journey inwards each week. In these sessions I channel from the wisdom that is all around us and bring forth insightful messages to focus on. These sessions alone have proven to change lives. 

In today’s uncertainty the only way up is in, and too often that is forgotten as we become consumed with media of all types and low vibrational conversations that leave us in a downward spiral of emotional disruption. Addictive behaviours are often the reprieve we go to as a result of this dangerous spiral. 

Encompass a higher state of presence to carry you through the week as I call and connect with the tones and frequencies and sing and speak them into the energy fields for all present to bathe in.

Alchemy at its best, and THE most affordable option for working with me in between your 1:1 sessions if you are having them.

INVESTMENT: $30 Per session or Packages available: $140 for 5, $260 for 10

Juicy Convos

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I love to talk about and explore all things healing and transformational. We’re here for a short time, so I believe we should be living our best life. That often means deprogramming ourselves from our fears, making way for the unexplored potential we have deep within. Whether we carry illness, weight, unhappiness, anxiety, depression or grief and guilt there is a better life waiting.

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