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Unlocking your unique codes is the key to life 


Your codes are not in plain sight, nor easily accessible beneath the litany of disruptive codes you have garnered throughout this and past lives.

To unlock them is to claim your true purpose, destiny and passion, the relationships you’ve longed for, the freedom to choose your financial dreams . Your keys are just waiting to be utilised to open those doors. Do it. You’ll never look back.


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I love to talk about and explore all things healing and transformational. We’re here for a short time, so I believe we should be living our best life. That often means deprogramming ourselves from our fears, making way for the unexplored potential we have deep within. Whether we carry illness, weight, unhappiness, anxiety, depression or grief and guilt there is a better life waiting.

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Carmelle has a unique gift which has given me clarification, confirmation and a better understanding of so many things that have happened in my life at a very personal level. This has inspired me to have a clearer perspective of what I want for the future in my late years.  Her unique gift has helped me to unleash some negative emotions that stemmed from my childhood, which affected me for a good part of my adult life. It has been quite a progressive journey for me, but one that was needed for my total well-being.
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