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Energy Conductor

Mastering Intimacy and escalating passion

Sexual Embodiment

The resonance of your sexual energy 

Intimate relationships don’t just nurture themselves. Like any living organism, they require constant care, and it’s crucial to nurture them like you would a precious child. 

We all enter into relationships with the intention of doing just this, however life takes over and we become distracted, tempted, bored, jealous, self conscious about our changing bodies, and perhaps find ourselves taking the intimate content of our most precious relationship and defiling it by asking friends or family what we should do. This only breaks the agreement that every intimate relationship is founded on – trust. 

Confusion sets in, and a third or fourth or fifth party enters into the bond where only two should be.

In this container, I will guide you back to the initial bond and examine where the misalignment is. I will guide you to the places that are uncomfortable to go, but that are absolutely essential to restore and then to strengthen, and then to expand beyond what you thought was possible in your love life.

Do you experience deeply intimate body and soul connection in your relationship or simply with yourself?

Do you have an intimate connection to your own body and your sexuality?

Are you afraid to disturb your old patterns of neediness, worthiness, guilt, shame or dependence because you fear losing what you already have, even though in its current form it is far from fulfilling?

Are you bored or unfulfilled or looking for a way out? If so, do you realise that escaping a situation that seems to have no future leaves you open for either a massive uplevelling or a steep slippery slide into another situation that is exactly the same? Either way, a deep dive into the core of the issues is essential to shift the old patterns and behaviours.

Are you happy to stay in your current relationships only because you’re afraid that if you change something it might not work out or you might lose respect, friends, money or status?

If these questions spark a desire to go deeper, then this is the program for you.

Over 6 sessions we will blast through the staleness that keeps you from entering the vast wonderland of your true happiness. Be aware, the journey we undertake will often lead you to places you had no idea were holding you back! It’s like a glitch in the system that is invisible to the naked eye, but when it’s fixed, your whole life changes.

Sessions are for singles or couples.

“My husband asked me to thank you on his behalf. We are having sex like teenagers again in our 30’s and with small children, but the best part is that the intimacy we share has gone off the charts, we are so connected now where before I began seeing you, we were barely communicating about anything other than normal day to day issues with kids, work etc. because of my chronic volatile anxiety, which is now a tiny fraction of what it was. AND my phobias that accompanied this anxiety which were insanely crippling have disappeared!!! My extreme fear of flying was put to rest when we flew to Europe from Australia with 2 young children, I was calm, needed no medication, wasn’t sick, and was able to look after our children with my husband instead of him having to do everything because I would normally be gripped with fear and panic and heavily medicated just to dull the out of control anxiety.”


 feel your magic

Signature Energy Conductor Sessions

“I don’t know what you’ve done to my brother but THANK YOU!! He is not the same person and everyone around him is seeing this incredible shift from an angry, guarded and vengeful person to someone we literally do not recognise.  His health has skyrocketed from severely limited IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and long term eye/vision issues to a completely normal digestive system and a 90% improvement in his eye condition. He is genuinely happy every single day, from the inside out, and his relationship with his parents and loved ones have completed flipped upside down! Totally mind blowing 💥

Josh’s sister

calm your emotions

Inner Dialouge

Free your mind


Embrace yourself in a whole new way

While individual sessions are available, you will receive the fullest experience by having a few sessions over one month. 

What to expect: to become awake to the actual issues that are causing stagnation in your life. All the usual culprits like grief, shame, guilt and fear are the ones we blast to smithereens in these sessions – only to discover what is lying underneath them, literally dying to get out and turn your life around.

If you’re alive, you’re most like living with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). As humans in these times we are clearing decades and lifetimes of not only our own trauma but ancestral as well. There is no need to continue carrying this and just managing it with avoidance and escapism techniques like repeating affirmations or trying to rise above it and ignoring it, only to have it repeatedly present itself without ever being truly healed.

Stepping out of the uncomfortable comfort zone you find yourself living is simple but not an easy step to take, simply because of the fear of letting go of familiar habits and patterns.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a future you may not have thought possible, these sessions are for you.

INVESTMENT: $250 Single session or $999 for 5 sessions (available on 50% payment plan)

Carmelle you are the only person I trust with my spiritual growth. Since I first saw you years ago I knew you had an incredible gift beyond the scope of this realm. I have realised my dream of rising up into my self worth and confidence, quitting the job I relied so heavily on that was keeping me locked up in a prison inside of myself, and spread my wings into the gifts I truly came here to bring to the world. I am now helping others to heal from trauma, connect them to loved ones, and guide them through their pain as a full time job, and my dream of working overseas has finally come true!! 

I was only able to do this by healing from my own past trauma, deep fears of abandonment and low self worth.


I did not believe anything like this existed, let alone think it could work. I was a skeptic. Then once I was drawn to have a session with you, thinking you would give me a gentle massage or something similar, I literally felt you pulling decades of trapped trauma from deep within my bones!! It was surreal to feel the pain attached to all of this just leaving my body as I sobbed and felt the trap I was living in with all of this inside of me. Honestly, if I didn’t know you I would have tried to run out the door but I fully trusted the process I entered into, and my life will never be the same. The changes I have made seamlessly from a place of confidence and an inner strength I didn’t know I possessed have made me a completely different person to be around, and to live with. I am actually happy and hold a wonderful vision for my future as my life unfolds in a way I never in my wildest dreams imagined. Such fulfilment, hope, wonder and above all, inner peace.


Online sessions

Meditation with a dose of alchemy

Calm the mind reset the energy

Take the time for yourself… weekly.

A Perfect way to take a breath and resume your journey inwards each week. In these sessions I channel from the wisdom that is all around us and bring forth insightful messages to focus on. These sessions alone have proven to change lives. 

In today’s uncertainty the only way up is in, and too often that is forgotten as we become consumed with media of all types and low vibrational conversations that leave us in a downward spiral of emotional disruption. Addictive behaviours are often the reprieve we go to as a result of this dangerous spiral. 

Encompass a higher state of presence to carry you through the week as I call and connect with the tones and frequencies and sing and speak them into the energy fields for all present to bathe in.

Alchemy at its best, and THE most affordable option for working with me in between your 1:1 sessions if you are having them.


INVESTMENT: $30 Per session, Packages available: $140 for 5, $260 for 10

“Through attending Carmelle’s meditations weekly I lost a stubborn 10kgs and feel like a weight has been lifted from my emotional life as well as my body. Life now holds an array of opportunities that I couldn’t see before because I was literally weighed down in so many ways. Forever grateful, Jennifer.”


“These weekly meditation sessions are like heaven for me. I literally look forward to them for days beforehand because of the way I feel and what I carry away with me and into my life. I am a better and richer person on so many levels. KS”


“The highlight of my week!!” TB


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