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Energy Conductor

The sex you’ve been missing, the awakening you seek

Sexual Embodiment

The resonance of your sexual energy 

Your sexual energy is how you resonate everywhere. This energy is transformational in that tapping into and releasing stored trauma will set you free. Free to explore life in a different way than you have been used to. Free to access the abundance of all that life has to offer.

This will unlock your money energy, your ability to magnetise and get paid what you are truly worth instead of what you have been told you are worth.

It will unlock your confidence to speak your truth in every situation, and not fall into your old voices that have kept your true essence hidden.

You will feel the vibrancy of life when you shatter decades and lifetimes of trauma, habits and discomfort that have kept you in survival mode. You will move into thrive mode with confidence and swagger.

Are you ready to take the leap into your most magnificent self?

 feel your magic

Signature Energy Conductor Sessions

calm your emotions

Inner Dialouge

Free your mind


Embrace yourself in a whole new way

These sessions are weekly and designed to connect you with your inner dialogue that is usually drowned out with the busy-ness of the outside world. Find the space that holds the keys to living in confidence and walking away from the shackles of fear, guilt, grief, pain, abandonment and anxiety. Or simply get in touch on a deeper and more profound level to ride the next wave of magic in your life.

Click here to book a single session or a pack to lock in your commitment to ongoing growth.

Online sessions

Meditation with a dose of alchemy

Calm the mind reset the energy

Take the time for yourself… weekly.

Your world as you know it will be prised open and pulled apart. In a good way. These sessions will take you into the inner restrictive language you have been using that has resulted in mediocre outcomes, and replace it with your most empowering inner language to begin thriving. Regardless of your most pressing issues, whether they be physical, emotional or mental, you will learn how to conduct your own inner dialogue in order to embrace all you truly are capable of, and more.

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