Astrology has been predicting these times for decades. There was always going to be a massive upheaval in our world at this time, and here it is, and here we are.

And if the Universe responds to our deepest desires, because energy is energy is energy, then it’s responding to collective requests as a population that can no longer be ignored.

What have your innermost desires been for?

What have you longed for that you felt was missing in your life?

Have you felt supported or unsupported, seen or unseen, heard or unheard?

As you recognise the call of your innermost desires, the ones that are there that you no longer consciously even think about any more, notice if they are still as important to you.

As our life evolves we can become stuck with old longings that block the way for our newest desires.

It’s a time we can clean our slate and dredge up all the old and outdated beliefs we have been holding onto of lack, blame, shame and guilt that belong to times and episodes in our life so long ago that… well they are no longer relevant.

We are holding onto them out of habit, an inbuilt habit of fear of letting go, fear of failing, falling, being abandoned, losing someone or something, being powerless.

These times are our opportunity to go full force into entering our next chapter, the one that is also written in astrology, where we will overcome old battered obstacles and become the next best version of who we are, and what we came here to experience.

But – it won’t happen overnight. We didn’t come here for quick fixes. The world will not heal suddenly, her people will not heal overnight. It will take our dedication to – ABOVE ALL ELSE – our own inner journey.

I would love to open this conversation with you and anyone you feel would love to hear this and devote their energy to the amazing opportunity we are in.

Let’s start the conversation