“How has my life changed?
see for yourself”
~ Josh’s story

🧨 I was passively aggressive to my family.

🧨 I was my own worst enemy, sabotaging my life.

🧨 I suffered from severe gut issues, and pain gripping episodes were not rare.

🧨 I lived with an eye condition that was both inconvenient and really embarrassing since it was visibly apparent, and being pedantic about my appearance this was a living hell.

🧨 I was lost. Sad. I had no inner peace.

🧨 My relationship was riddled with trust issues and unspoken words.


💥 My gut issues are a thing of the past, I can eat anything I like with no reaction!

💥 My eyes? All I can say is – IT’S A MIRACLE!!

💥 No more eye redness, palpitations, radical pressure changes. My other eye is adjusting and saying like wtf happened? I thought I would have to live with this condition for the rest of my life.

💥 My relationship with my father in particular has gone to a level I literally did not think was possible. I look at him through different eyes now – ones that see things so differently – and love him so deeply and show him this every day.

💥 There is no more game playing in my significant relationships.

💥 I am a completely different person!

💥 I blasted a decade of trauma

💥 zero blame-game playing, zero regrets.

💥 I seriously LOVE my life! This is something I did not think I could ever say in complete honesty.

Seriously, if you’re on the fence about your first session – JUST DO IT!!!!! ~ Josh