How do you know when you’ve actually succeeded at achieving another level of your spiritual growth?

A: When you get eye rolls for what you say, or you are vilified for your behaviour, or friends/family tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you’ve changed – and not in a good way.

It can also look like this:

~ you apologise for your behaviour sometimes/often.
~ you apologise for who you are sometimes/often.
~ you feel like there must be something wrong with you because you offend people close to you.

Do you find yourself choosing your words “wisely” with certain friends or family because they just freak out when you don’t?

Do you tame yourself because the fallout just isn’t worth it?

If any of this relates to you, then you’ve broken MAJOR old patterns, habits, inherited behaviours and false/outdated belief systems.

AND, people around you don’t know what the freak is going on. So they desperately want to remind you to just go back to being your old self, pronto.

Why? Because that’s the YOU they are used to. Your ways and behaviours, the very ones that were keeping you in a low level state of emotions or destructive/addictive behaviours.

Of course they are upset, and it sucks to watch that happen, it really does. But that is your breakthrough. It’s these pivotal moments that will determine whether you fall back into line, or keep stepping up and out of your old self that you so desperately wanted to “heal” from (because that word is overused, it’s so much more than healing).

Remember, you asked for this when you became aware that your current circumstances were slowly killing you – on the inside emotionally and mentally, on the outside with your health, or a bitter cocktail of all of them.

You asked for this, because you knew you could no longer bear living a life barely resembling what you really truly desire.

You asked for this, remember that when the discomfort goes way outside your usual comfort zone.

You asked for this, remember that when people tell you to just go back to being normal.

So when “this” happens, this shift, this change, this uplevelling, you will not be recognisable to the people who want you to be the person they need/needed you to be.

And that is your point of balance, where your future lies in the knowing life will never be the same, but that’s not a bad thing, in fact that is the best thing that will ever happen FOR you, not to you.

You are braver than you know, despite the surrounding opinions and judgment of those who are a little afraid of what they see. They will tell you to “see someone” or to listen to this or that expert. But you will know you don’t need to see anyone, you are exactly where you need to be.

This is where you inner voice will guide you, step by step, if you block out the white noise of negativity and fear, and stay in your integrity and truth.

You have my absolute support and undying encouragement for taking steps in being fully responsible for your life.

Now, what’s next?